Insomniac Reflections:

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Well, I haven't been keeping track of that. Okay, so two questions. When you get a stuffed nose, is it ever both nostrils, or is it just one? And the second question is, do you know anything about how they come about the allergen forecast for. Well, just allergy forecast, not the kind for pollen and stuff like that. Dust and dander and, like, sinus. Maybe I can get that one

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Erica Jean
So I said, well, it can't be her because I've had her for going on a few years now, and I never had any allergic reactions to her. I vacuum dust. We keep things pretty neat and clean, actually. And no matter what, I'm sneezing. And, I mean, it's just really bad. It's really bad. I don't know how to. Your second question. I don't know how this is predicted outside of pollen


I was annoyed that I know it does it every two and a half hours, but it would also be nice if. I know this is unrealistic, but it would be nice if somehow the nose and the breathing process would recognize when a particular nostril was blocked and then would switch before the two and a half hours is up. Because then at least we could still breathe while one nostril is blocked. Inevitably, then we have to resort for our mouths


And so the typical medications that are on the market at the store usually address the kind with the histamines, the antihistamines, stuff that you can get for the most part, I was finding a lot of those things were not helpful for me. I'll get to what I do later. But I also learned that apparently this happened to my dad. So not only did I learn about it, but watched it firsthand happen, too
J.L. Beasley
However, when it's just one, it's also, well, not as equally annoying because at least I have one. Yeah, I'm definitely going to have to pay attention to that and also listen to people who respond because someone might have an ENT background that has more of a clearer answer or direction for that


Yeah, I'm curious about the science, too, because I've noticed for me, even if one nostril is clear, if the nostril that's plugged is also the same nostril that's being used by the system, it can feel like the entire nose is plugged, even though it's not. Anyway, I need to do some more Googling. Googling?
Erica Jean
But at least the first testing, we discovered that I was allergic to the Timothy hay that my rabbit eat, that rabbits eat, and grasses, certain grasses, that's outdoors. And during this time, there was some on the other side of our place, there was some mold that was hiding behind the walls and stuff. So we did get people to come in and fix it and spray it and things like that. But those are really great suggestions that you mentioned. End