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Sean Bray
@seanb · 0:15

#MyProfile | Sean Bray

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Hi, I'm Sean. I'm a sports journalist, photographer, environmental guy who loves the outdoors and is passionate about social issues. And I think it's well that you've joined me

#FirstSwell progressive Canadian 🇨🇦 | sports journalist ⚽️ | photographer 📷 | IT consultant 🖥 | and (sometimes) grumpy old man 👴🏻

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Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 0:43

#welcome #community

It's. What's up? Sean, man. Welcome. I'm a photographer myself, so looking forward to just more and more photographers joining in the community here and talking about different photos and different specs and different adventures and all sorts of things. But beyond that, there's got to be a channel here for everything that you listed out
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