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SayCo Show: 📞Wind Telephones☎️

And people just walk this long trail in the snow, in the mud, just to pick up the phone and audibly grieve. I think it's such a great idea. I think it's better to have it out than in. And most people grieve quietly, and that's never been my case. So I started thinking, what would. If you. If you google this or go to YouTube, just put in wind telephone. There are so many videos and stories on this

Finding solace in a phone call. #SayCoShow #Gay #Queer #Grieving #Wind

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And that's what this kind of sounds like to me is almost like a ritual, a physical thing to do. Like, as if somebody said to write a letter or something. One thing that has really helped me over the years is it's kind of a funeral. Some people get more elaborate about it than others. But when family relationships ends. And you need to let go of that relationship. Is holding your own funeral for that person. But I do it in my own way