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Kahramannaras earthquake

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The number of people killed by the earthquakes that struck Turkine, Syria earlier this month has now passed 50,000, according to the latest figures from both countries. In in Turkey alone, 44,218 people died as a result of the earthquakes, the country's disaster and emergency management authority said on Friday. While the latest announced death toll in Syria was 5914, the first earthquake on February 16 that hit southern Turkey and northern Syria measured a magnitude of 7.7 and the second, a little less a little later, measured 7.6

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Jewel James
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Many are starving, and every country is donating their health to Syria and Turkey and all that. Social calamities are like this, which comes at the most unexpected time, when everyone is having a peaceful time, this happens and everything will be over in a jiffy. So let's pray for them and that's all what we can do at this time