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sanya arora

 · 10mo ago · 4:59
Budget 2022

"…So in that background, we also expect either a reduction or the complete scraping of the long term capital gain tax. So now what is the long term capital gain tax, right? When an investor buys shares that is stocks of a company and keeps it for beyond a specific time period without selling it, he or she falls under the category of long term investors. And these investors are right now having to pay long term capital gain tax on any dividend or profit they make from these shares.…"



Bhomik Mathur

 · 10mo ago · 3:17

"…I think you have covered all the major set of expectations which the market and the people have from the government, especially in the context of getting the economy up back to track after two years have been sort of wasted due to the coronavirus crisis. And now as the Pandemic appears to be in its end game, the government should really take some extra steps to ensure that economy becomes better and gets back on track.…"