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Favorite fruits

Hi, guys. Today I wanted to ask the question, what is your favorite fruits? So my top three favorite fruits are strawberries, Kiwi and watermelons. And I feel like they're all summer fruits. I'm not sure or though, but I really like these fruits because they're juicy and sometimes a little bit sour, which I like they're just the tastiest fruits in my opinion. So let me know what your favorite fruits
sucharita Patra
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For me, I think it will be mangoes
Suchismita Patra
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Okay. So my favorite fruits, mango, watermelon. And it's Orange. And also it's pineapple
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Amara Vergara Agyakwa
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I love this. This is such a good question. My favorite fruits. I love all those fruits as well, especially during the summer. Some fruits are just even better. I would say my favorite fruits are probably leaches or light cheese. I think Mango and I've actually really liked nectarines lately. I think they're so good. They're so crunchy and juicy and just perfect and delicious. So those are my favorite fruits. Have a wonderful day. Bye
Nidhi A
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Some of my favorite foods are mangoes and strawberries. I think they're really good and strawberries and mangoes together I think would be good too in like a smoothie as well. I'm not a big fan of bananas, but I think strawberries are good in sarbancos
Anna lisie
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Hey. So I think some of my favorite fruits would be Melons watermelon. Honeydew is pretty good. I also really love pineapple. I like everything that's made out of Apple Apple, but I don't like Apple itself that much. I would eat it because it's sweet, but Yeah
Cara Plumhoff
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My favorite fruits are probably definitely mango. I used to hate mango, but something switched and I love it. Now what else? I love love strawberries and also grapes. But I only really like them when they like crispy and red