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Rainy day or sunny day?

Hi. So a question that I wanted to ask today is, would you prefer rain or, like, sun or like, rainy? It's kind of like dark day or sunny day, like the whole day. So I personally like the rain. I like the sun too. But I just like rainy days because they're really chill and cooler cool. And I love the smell of rain. And I just like the whole atmosphere of the rain
Cara Plumhoff
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I live in a pretty good weather, like sunny place. So I usually get sunny days, which I prefer I actually really like it when it's like on the hotter side. But I will say this spring, like rare rainy days are really, really nice because like they're rare. And it's always like a really nice break for me to just have an excuse to stay inside and watch TV
Nidhi A
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I think both for me. Honestly, I think that they both are important. Like, I guess if I had to pick, I'd say Sunny, I like it when it's like bright outside, but also like if it's sunny all the time. I don't think I would like it as much. I think there needs to be a good balance between rain and the sun, too
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Anna lisie
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Hey, I Lisie both, but it really depends if I want to go out somewhere that involves hiking or trekking or any sort of outdoor physical activity, then I guess I would prefer it to be be a sunny day. But if not, I just like rainy days. In general, the mood is different than sunny days. It's just more fun. I guess so if I'm sitting at home and doing nothing or not going outside, I would maybe prefer a rainy day