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The magical bugs of the summer: some fun facts about fireflies

Hey, guys. So yesterday I was taking a walk in my neighborhood and I saw a few fireflies because it was pretty dark. And I was wondering, number one, how did they light up? Exactly. And number two, are there any specific times that they light up, or do they do it randomly? And so I did some research. And this is what I found out. So fireflies are actually not flies, even though the name suggests they are. They are actually bioluminescent beetles

Check out this article for more info:

Anna lisie
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Hey, I also had similar questions about fireflies and I saw fireflies too yesterday during the evening time and the fact about their nocturnal was apparently right because I mostly see them during the night. And the article you share also has really great information. And thanks for sharing these facts
Nidhi A
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Hi. So I read over your article and I think this is a really, really interesting and cool topic. So thanks for sharing, especially the fireflies. They come out in the summer and they're everywhere. And it's interesting how you might mentioned we call them fireflies, but they're really not flies. They're actually beetles. And I thought that was something I learned today. So I thought that was really cool. Thanks for sharing