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Dad Chonicles: Sister roomies

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Let's put them in the same room, because if older sister is there with her in the room, she'll be less inclined to get out. She'll have somebody there to keep her company. She'll have somebody there to maybe tell her to get back into bed. And it worked out really well, and it was a really great thing to see. We have a child monitor in that room, and we watched to see how she would react to it

This week my wife and I made a big step by moving our kids in the same room. #Dadlife #GirlDad #Fatherhood

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Thanks so much for the encouragement, Mark. I really like hearing from fathers who have a little bit more miles in the tank than I do and definitely appreciate your perspective. I kind of chuckled at the end when you talked about the Netflix account because I'm a little bit older than your daughter. About five or six years older than your daughter. But the funny thing about Netflix in our household obviously overrun
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