It can be a knowledgeable talk, it can be a knowledgeable statement or just help them out, listen to them and try to give them solution. The person who gives the solution is my hero. Not creating a problem. I have gone through many biography and I have seen people struggled and how they overcome. So you learn from those things and you try to implement. Because stating that he's my hero and not doing or not pursuing it in that way, I don't think so

#My hero . Who inspires me & they are not one but many who stand for others

Mahima Mamgain
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Hey, Sam. That's a great talk on heroes and how different people inspire us in our lives and help us to move forward in different phases, scenarios, and circumstances. Just one more thing I'd like to add is, before you go to bed, make sure the person that you look in the mirror is the greatest hero of your life