Lockdown side effects

Hello everyone who is listening to me, I'm Sadia Hasan, currently pursuing Blue from Emu. I heard about swell up from my friend Yashi and as we all know, due to call, I haven't been to Call age yet. I'm in first year of my BLB course and I want to express my views on side effects of lockdown and the number of coveted patients is increasing day by day and hence the lockdown has been extended for a long period of time

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Manalika Das
@Manalika · 1:35
So it's kind of a situation where we don't exactly know what is right and what is wrong. We just have to agree with what the government is saying, wishing that hopefully it settles the situation. Let's see what happens. I really hope everything this goes back to normal soon. Yeah
Sadia Hasan 51
@Sadia_Hasan_123 · 0:35


Hey, Manalika, you are somehow right. But we can't be like this for more. I don't think so. That Lockdown is working that much. People think that it is working. So, yeah, let's see what happened. I was just trying to express my views. I'm not criticizing anyone. I want to say only this much that closing schools and colleges isn't the way to tackle this pandemic. It's been two years and maybe more