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Saara Sardar
@SaaraSardar04 · 0:41

Would you rather pt.1

Let's play a game. I think you might have heard about this. Would you rather PT? So shall we begin? Would you rather be invisible for a whole day or would you rather be able to fly for a whole day? I personally would like to go with getting to fly for a day because I like to see the work from the perspective of a bird. I really like the skies and all. So what would you rather be


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Vani Garg
@Vani · 0:10
Hi. If I get to choose I'll also choose to be able to fly it just seems more fun
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Amoljeet Singh
@AmoljeetSingh13 · 0:17
Okay. So yeah, the latter one is also a good choice. But I'll go with going invisible for a day. There is no specific reason for it. But I would love to be an invisible the roof for today
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