Hello Song

And I'm song to use a little bit of words, a little bit of scat, little bit of just vocalization, the hello song. Hello. It's always nice when somebody takes the time to say hello.

#song #greeting #goodvibration

Kitha Larie
@chitchatwithkk · 0:39
Hey, Stacy. What a wonderful song. You actually remind me of my mother when you were singing. She was a bit of perfectionist. She was a choir director. But you carry a better tune than her because she could not really carry a tune. But she had kind of like the same pitch. But yours is polished. Hers not so much. But I really enjoyed your song. And you're right
Stacy Rush
@S.Kanyiri_speak · 0:53
And I haven't had an opportunity to listen to anything that you have brought forth, and I will. Somewhere, futuristically, I'm learning how to tune in to people who I'm following, to people who speak to me. And I'm just learning this swell, how it works and everything. And I wish you well, and again do, and I hope you have a great rest of the day. Bye
Isoellen Writes
@Isoellen · 1:06

Hello and good morning to you!

Hello. And I wanted you to know I thoroughly enjoyed that. And I hope you continue to bring your energy and your song and your music and your sound and that positivity through the airwaves to this app. That feeling and creativity. I hope you continue to bring more of that here to this platform, because it was wonderful and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I wish I could sing like that. I cannot. I can free flow
Stacy Rush
@S.Kanyiri_speak · 2:03


I'm not worried about monetization. I just want to give what's inside of me. And I just grateful for people like you who respond and let me know that you appreciate what I have to give. And hopefully I'll get a chance to go into some of your expressions and listen to what you have to say and be able to give you some response and encouragement and support also. So have a wonderful day. Bye
Mona B.
@monapoet.artist · 0:14
You. It's beautiful, as always. Your voice has always been a very soothing thing for me through the years. Keep going, sis. Bye
Stacy Rush
@S.Kanyiri_speak · 0:47


Why, thank you, Miss Mona. Glad to hear you on board and a part of this wonderfulness. I'm not on the premium anymore because I'm not ready to monetize yet. I just want to get in the flow first of regularly coming in and sharing stories, song, poetry, songs, or whatever it is I'm going to do. And then down the line, if I want to monetize. Because this is therapeutic for me