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Paresh Rawal

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"…There are many more movies such as Omar God Golmal Halcha, Hangama Chachi 420 and many more. He is a national entertainer. He has put a smile on all of our faces and I truly believe we should appreciate him today for his birthday as he's growing older and he's left us with a lot of memories and definitely whenever we think of him a bit of nostalgia hits us and gives us an amazing feeling that we grew up with such talented and amazing comedians such as Perisha Wilson.…"

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Divya Bhatia

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"…And whenever it plays on, whenever it is coming on TV, I actually sit and watch that movie because I just love that movie and all these movies they created. And I have watched all those. And I'm a big fan of him. So happy birthday to him, of course. And your sword was great. Thank you for missing it. And thank you for letting us know about his birthday. Thank you. Bye.…"


Paresh Rawal

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