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Police Brutality And The African American Community


"…I guess the point I'm trying to make is there are other ways of subduing a perk. That's what the dude was anyway. Yeah, it breaks my heart. All this stuff is going on. But anyway, I got 30 seconds to wrap this up. What do you think? Let me know what you guys think in the comments or give me your own swell and tell me what you think. Police brutality needs to come to an end.…"

Another black man has been killed by a police officer, this time your Atlanta. This is got to stop and the police need to be retrained! Your thoughts?


Craig Moyer

@CraigRuns · 2yr ago · 0:48

"…You need to make sure you know the entire story before you judge what happened. For instance, a state trooper in New Jersey on the 23 May shot and killed a 20 year old Jamaican from the Bronx. And the News and his family wants you to think his car broke down on the side of the road. He was sitting in the back of the car trying to get out and the cop shot him.…"


Mtwadamela Ijogo

@Mtwadamela · 2yr ago · 4:16

"…The training that you guys get either you guys don't get good training on how to shoot, or you guys are intentionally shooting the kill when somebody's running away from you, that's a universal sign of surrender. That's a person that don't want no problems. So why are you shooting to kill them? Why not shoot them in the leg? Isn't that what they train you for? Don't you guys go to target practice in the shooting range to do stuff like that?…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2yr ago · 3:56

"…You know what this reminds me of a lot in terms of our conversation around. Training is just the analogy of the medical industry. When you have a procedure that's just not working, that's not helping people at not healing people and maybe killing people. There's reform. And there's research done, there's papers published and there's conferences and people get together, and they look at best practices.…"

Policing can evolve just like other systems evolve. #hope


Neerja Narayanan

@Neerja · 2yr ago · 1:51

"…Here's what's wrong with saying that you need to hear the whole story and, you know, sometimes they deserve what's coming to them. The fact of the matter is if that man or that boy behaved in exactly the same manner and they were white, they would not be dead. Let's repeat that they behaved in the same manner and they were white, they would not be dead. To deny that is just denying basic facts that have been proven time and time again.…"


Rachel Sellers

@holy_rollerrr · 2yr ago · 1:03

"…I think what the brother was speaking on, as far as the police brutality in this country, he was right on target. And I'm just really not sure if some white Americans can really relate to what we as black Americans go through in this country, as far as being on a list of being shot, sort of like almost being hunted down by terrorists in this country. So I'm right on with what he said.…"


Taylor J

@Taylor · 2yr ago · 1:17

"…I think you just need to look at the way that the military has been turned on citizens right now to understand that this issue is one that needs to be looked at right away and completely redone. When the city of New York has a $6 billion police budget and that's more than I believe, the entire military budget of Qatar. You have to think to yourself, there is an issue here the city of Los Angeles, where basically $0.50 of every dollar spent goes towards the police services.…"

Rachel Sellers

@holy_rollerrr · 2yr ago · 1:21

"…It's very refreshing to hear the Speaker Kelly say that he's open to listening and hearing. I think that's something that this country really needs to do more of. I think in the wake of all the civil unrest that's been going on, people have been finally seeing what's been happening in our culture for years and years with the police. This has been going on like I said for years and years, and it hasn't gotten any attention until the recent events.…"

Jermain Hawver

@Hawver7765 · 2yr ago · 2:38

"…Okay. On the whole McDonald on the whole Wendy's thing going up in flames. We know only what the news media tells us. Okay. All we all you ever see is is all you saw probably was the black man getting taste. My thought is, and I'm going to call it what it is like the one guy said, we need to to know the full story.…"

Jermain Hawver

@Hawver7765 · 2yr ago · 1:46

"…And I just come up to call Gunner and say, Well, you're a racist, and I'm just using that as an example. I'm not saying that is without even knowing him or me being a black man. You come up to me and say, oh, you're a murderer. You kill a lot of people. That's not me.…"

Taylor J

@Taylor · 2yr ago · 1:17

"…I think that while he hasn't explicitly said that he's a racist, I don't know why anybody necessarily would admit to that his policies and the people that he hired to be with him in office have a track record of racism, their comments, their policies, things they've done. All of that adds up. I mean, we're talking about career politicians who have a history of doing bad things, and most of those bad things end up being done to communities of color.…"

Matt Powell

@MattP598 · 2yr ago · 5:00

"…Murders went up in Chicago the following week after George Floyd. I think 300%, five kids got killed. I believe the following weekend, the youngest one was three shot in the head. Of course. Nobody said anything about that. It's kind of sad. I don't really understand that why that's okay. Cops are not the problem in this country, and we're going to find that out pretty soon.…"

Matt Powell

@MattP598 · 2yr ago · 0:09

"…Yeah. I just wanted to kind of follow up and post a link to a video that I think a lot of people should probably watch.…"

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Mtwadamela Ijogo

@Mtwadamela · 2yr ago · 2:52

"…But that 1% of cops who does what speaks out says something, what happens to them? Come on. Now, you know, you have five cops in your family. You get labeled as a rat, a snitch. Nobody wants to get labeled a rat or a snitch. And you know what people do to snitches in rats. So that's not even open for discussion. We know what happens to them.…"


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