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Hope Restored...

But anyway, I'm going to wrap this up. I just think that it's important that you remember that hope is there also for a reason and my hope for the future has been restored. I think I'll do another swell later on when I get a moment. Basically, this whole trading thing is leading up to something and fingers crossed. I really hope that everything works out because I'm so sick and tired of losing and failing and feeling like a failure

Just me sharing how much better my day and week have started turning out.

Bowie Rowan
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Hey, Russell, thank you so much for sharing this, though I don't know very much about trading myself. I really related to how you talk about all the different voices that were coming at you. And I love how you talked about hope and feeling kind of foolish to rely on hope sometimes, but still at the end of the day, finding hope for the future despite having a lot of dark kind of moments and feelings today. And it made me think about this Emily Dickinson poem, actually
Russell Bolding
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I'm not going to get into the specifics and everything of trading in this world, but he drew a diagram and showed you pretty much where as a trader where you're supposed to enter. And it was extremely eye opening. I'm really glad I looked that up in the way the video was worded. It was exactly what I've been trying to find. The exact wording I've been trying to find for ages, and you knew it was in a YouTube video. Go figure. So
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