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And for Naya passing away by drowning, please don't destroy things. Thank you. Fraud. And to die so prematurely bothers me now, at the same time, we have so many other people that are dying other ways and we will put in the Corona virus people too. Here's my question. What is so special about me that has me still here on Earth? Why am I still here? What purpose do I serve or am I supposed to serve? Why am I here?

Why am I here? With so many good people being taken from us, why is my ugly mug still here?

Shani Banshee
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It's caused caregiver burnout for me and my family. And it doesn't mean we love her any less. And sometimes I'm just like, she's the strongest person I know. She's the most resilient person I know, and she's lived with this disease for 40 years. So I wonder sometimes maybe it's not so much about the purpose that we're given, but the purpose that we make. And I've learned resiliency because of my mother
Bowie Rowan
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Hopefully all of us are doing in some way to try to think about how we can be a part of healing all of the oppression and violence and injustices that we're all waking up to and talking about a little more, which is an incredible thing and also a difficult that's a grieving process in and of itself
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joyce muller
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Shaming hand can you let me talk to you
Nicholas Willock
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This alone should give us the insight on how to appreciate every single person we still have around us. It boils down to our lifestyle, which is going to be good. Try to be good and leave for proper reason. I don't know if I'm being street or direct or giving a very good answer to your question, but I wouldn't love kind of being emotional too, because I lost someone too. And no high feels