Russell Bolding
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Meanwhile, Back In My Neck of the Woods

Yes, I know. Talk to the people, say Hi. No. Okay, that's Tyler. Anyway. So what have I been up to for the past several months after having another meltdown today, which is probably the 17th meltdown in the past week, I finally found a potential strategy for this binary options junk. Mommy and Daddy are talking. He's really driving me

I’m briefly back to update you on my whereabouts and happenings since we last hung out!

Sudha Varadarajan
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Congratulations, Russell, on getting your options trading strategy going very happy to hear that three months later that you have met with successes. So kudos to you and what welcome back. And also, Congratulations on voting. I haven't yet. I will on November 3. Planners standing the long lines. But Congratulations
Brooke C.
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Yeah, but they were stepping up to the plate in ways that our own government isn't. And I don't expect them to anymore. I've given up no matter who is in the White House. But good to hear you
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Welcome to Swell!

Russell Bolding
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@sudha, here’s my reply to you...

I know this is probably, like right over your head and I apologize, but you have these things called indicators. This is a real quick little lesson for you and Brooke. This might be if you're listening. Hello. This might help explain things a little bit, and I'll reply to you in just a second. You have these indicators, these things that kind of give you an idea about what's about to happen or what's currently going on in the market
Russell Bolding
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But yeah, if you have the right strategies, you can pretty much own everything. And I've been working on this. I started twelve years ago. Really? Twelve years ago. And about a year ago, I kind of re established myself with this app I'm using with the Pocket Option broker, and I've learned a lot, taught myself a lot. I'm excited to see what the future holds. So hopefully in the not too distant future. I can invest real money
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