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In the moment when I'm throwing up from three glasses of wine, which seemed ridiculous to me, like I should be able to tolerate that, but is what it is. I have this moment of panic. I know I have this dog under my care, but then I have this moment where like, man, where's the dog? Did I let him out?

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Chelsea Hanawalt
@allowthesun · 2:24

She has a book on it, a couple of books on it. And I just really resonate with that, that way of describing my relationship with alcohol. So, yeah, I just really appreciate you sharing on here. I linked the book too, so I'll be curious if you are curious about it. Yeah, look forward to hearing more and having more conversations around sobriety
Debra Barb
@RumpelSoulSkin · 4:56

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So I don't know if my body will tolerate it better at some point, but I guess I really just realized it was kind of like really kind of like an abusive relationship. I was just giving alcohol a free pass that I literally wouldn't give anything else that pass for. And so it really forced me to ask, why would I do that? Why would I let this thing have a free pass to make me sick?
Swell Team
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Debra Barb
@RumpelSoulSkin · 3:29


And jealousy just to keep going. And anybody else who's tuning in here. I really appreciate the, I think the mindset on sober curiosity and I would be curious to hear, you know, your thoughts about what's the difference between sobriety and sober curiosity. To me, when I think about that, I really feel like sobriety paints this black and white all or nothing picture. And I believe for many people that probably is an appropriate and necessary approach
Chelsea Hanawalt
@allowthesun · 2:47
But yeah, I think that it is interesting to talk to more folks about what has worked for them, because I agree that the black and whiteness being like, oh, I'm sober, just hasn't resonated with me. The sober curiosity is definitely a term that I identify with more. I think that everyone's different. And I know that the twelve step program has been so beneficial for so many people, and I'm definitely interested in looking into that and just knowing more about it