Rud S
@rudash · 1:19

One out of four years finished of high school

I just slept, and I don't know why, but I think just my thoughts on, like with COVID hitting, having online courses, quad messages instead of semesters, like normal ones. I think it was interesting to have a bit of a change. Obviously, no one was expecting it, but I think it's changed everyone's perspective on how school will be in the future
Neha M
@neha_munje · 0:40
Yay Congrats. You finished your first fear of high school. I love that. Yeah. I can definitely relate to that. Like we're both kind of in the same boat where we are starting a new school, like the first year here at a new school, and it's online. We can't go there not fun, and it's really hard to learn when it's online. So I definitely also hope that I can be in person next year
@sylvar · 0:30
Congrats on completing one year of high school. Yeah. High school goes by really fast, but it's really good that you're able to get through and have, like, a positive mindset getting through the first year because it's really hard going through well, it's kind of difficult ago going through great night, especially when it's online. And I agree I was in a similar boat where my first year was online as well