Rud S
@rudash · 2:12

Cleaning is healing

This is probably like a very weird and random thing to state, but I just find cleaning so therapeutic. And I'll explain why. So today I had the responsibility of cleaning the car. And I mentioned this before, like we went on the Church of the beach or pardon. Sorry. So obviously the car was really dirty. So I did whatever like my normal stuff. I took everything out there inside, not everything but anything on the side doors, trash things like that
Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 0:39
I think there was, like, a study on that or something that people study better in clean environments or something. So I 100% agree. And you can find things faster. I didn't know about the wax sheet thing for cars. I should try that because I feel like cleaning my car. And you inspired me. Yes. Thank you for sharing
Neha M
@neha_munje · 1:06
I really like your picture. Just wanted to say that first, I totally agree with your idea on cleaning. And yeah, just the same as what I read said, like, the whole thing about having a clean environment is good for studying. I actually started since school was online. I would have a clean room before I started studying
@sylvar · 0:54
And you kind of feel less stressed out because I feel like whenever my room is in a mess and there's a bunch of things, like, everywhere I start to get kind of stressed out because I'm overwhelmed and crowded by all the junk in my room. So I like having a clean space because it helps me have, like, at least I have that done today. So it makes me feel a bit productive
Maheen K
@maheen · 0:19
I also really like cleaning stuff like, I don't know, like dishes or something. Just seeing it go from like Dirty to clean, just feels so good. And like also on Instagram. Those accounts that are like cleaning accounts are like the videos or whatever. It's just like so satisfying to watch it go from like Dirty to clean. So I definitely understand