Dr Vandana R Singh
@RSFoundation20 · 5:22

Navratri - Day 4: Kushmanda

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Now let's look a little bit into the significance and symbolism that is associated with Kushmanda. As I said, Kushmanda devi is embodied. She's an embodiment of the power of creation. She represents the cosmic energy that sustains life and radiance that illuminates the universe. And her eight arms symbolize her control over the eight directions and her ability to create and to sustain life in all forms. The lion or the tiger quite obviously symbolizes strength, courage and ferocity

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Sreeja V
@Wordsmith · 1:30
Thank you. Vandanaji Kushmanda is also believed to be a form, the Cosmic Egg, which the Divine Mother loves a lot. This incarnation or this particular state is said to be among her favorites. And it is said that when she was in the state and child and that is how the creation was born, from her smile, from her joy. And such a beautiful depiction. And I was thinking that as a Divine Mother, she must be overflowing with love and compassion for her creation, right?
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