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I embraced love after a long battle

After a long time, I decided to embrace my emotions. After the last breakup, I was really scared, you know, of getting emotionally attached to a man, which is quite justified. Like, you know, your body, it has that mechanism of not. Of saving you from hurt. I think that's what my emotional side was doing. But there came a point that I couldn't resist anymore. Now I know that I do love him. I knew it

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Chitvvan Waraich
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Hi her dear podcast, just wanted to wish you lot of love and light and lot of blessings. May you be really happy now and in the future. Always
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It's not like that. Every problem has a solution. And it will take time to heal. Yes, but it will. It will not be vanished completely. But it will be like the light shades of the pain will be there, but you will not suffer from it if you let yourself completely accept the fact that it's done. Okay? So let it be. And you will feel better and accept the situation that currently the person has gone. You are not into a relationship