Rozee R
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Dreamy love! I wish it was true

And then we start talking and we have like long hours of conversation. And then he tells me that he wants to marry me. And then we are about to get married. So the wedding somehow stopped. Maybe because I haven't told my family and something happens in that setup. But what I can tell you about this guy is he kissed me. And that kiss has so much love without any lust. Nothing, like not even 10% lust. It was all love

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Rozee R
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He was so peaceful that his peace wasn't just restricted to himself. When I was with him, I could feel that. The rays of that peace penetrating my skin and getting through my heart. It was so beautiful. I just wish that every girl finds that guy in his life. In her life. Sorry. And I'm ready to settle down for that guy who makes me feel like that specifically. I can sacrifice anything for him, but not other people who make me feel worthless
Payal Shandil Gupta
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You. Hi and good morning. Thank you for sharing as well. It was interesting and I realized that I also agree with your thoughts on love. Love and lust are different, aren't they? Anyways, I look forward to hearing from you again. Have a take the head