My First Swellcast: Money Shaming

I won't say that everyone was poor. I would just say that there was a very poor community. A lot of people were on welfare, a lot of people grew up poor. There were plenty of people that had money. There were plenty of middle class families. There were not very many of the 1%. I would say there was probably a half of a percent of the 1% in the community, if you get what I'm saying. Now let's get into it

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Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 3:45

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When you're living under your parents roof, it's a little different because largely you're subjugated to their beliefs and their choices, but with enough drive and determination, you can really excel and persevere in any lifestyle you want. It just takes the awareness and the knowledge to seek it out. But that's, again, a whole nother conversation. All I wanted to say is that I really appreciate this