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But if you already have all that set up, feel free to come out and hang and jam with us. My username on there is root shell and just kind of curious if other people enjoy music, whether it's just listening to it, if it helps with their wellness and freeing their mind and all that stuff. Always interesting to hear from people on how music affects their lives, whether it's just listening or actually creating something. So take care out there

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Susi Lawson
@susisouljourney · 0:42
Hey Nick, thank you for the tips. I will look into Wikileoops. I think you called it. I'm a member on Soundcloud but my membership got clogged up and they were wanting more money. So I haven't figured out how to post more on Soundcloud. I don't know if you post music Soundcloud or not, but that was fun for a couple of years. But I'll look into your hashtag. Sounds pretty cool. Thank you for letting us know about it