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The Rev

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It should be talking to all of us. She seems to be the brightest light I've ever met in my entire life. And she's leading an amazing conversation on her swell cast. And I can't. Recommended enough. And you should join in, and you should follow her, because I think she's a brilliant human being

Everyone should follow @theRev #SwellDailyPrompt #sdp22Jan24 #ugcprompt #TellYourStory @roostercollins | Universe spoke to me

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Here's the link to this webcast. If you stumble upon this or invited this and want to just hop in and listen to the conversation without going the rigmarole of searching for it, here's
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Natasha Nurse
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@RoosterCollins Agree to disagree 😉 #beliefs #thoughts #conversation #religion

Thanks for the invite. I have joined the conversation and I have spoken with her a couple of times, and I sadly just have to agree to disagree. I do not believe that a form of disagreement is disrespectful. I believe wholeheartedly in healthy debate, and I believe that people will have a right to choose their different beliefs and choices
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