ST. Prank! Don’t let the bastard fool you! #ForThePeople #April #Pranks #funny #notmean #notdumb #notCORPORATE | Can you find any golden tickets? 🎟️🎫⏳

Yeah, that's right. Now this is happening. I'm taking over this day. You know, certain holidays, certain events in recent memory have been overtaken by certain entities not identified

Come and see! Tell me if you find the prank! 😂 #StPrankisReal #StPrank #TrueStories #fyp #AprilFools #FloatingHead #Follow #If you dare! #chooseyourown

Rooster Collins
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15:45 UPDATE: The Scheme | #StPrank #RoosterCollins #TheRoosterCollinsShow #GoldenTicket #fun #IsThisAPrank TERMS AND CONDITIONS MAY APPLY!

Specifically based on that, I think I'm going to sit these little seeds out all day. If you. If one of your swells sparks my interest, I'm going to come there and drop a little headless knowledge on you with random hashtags I think the future has tagged. If you want all things, it'll be Saint Rooster. Saint Rooster. Nope, nope. That's not it. Saint Prank. So from this point forward, I'll be using the hashtags St
Rooster Collins
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Boy. Some of you are going to have fun wirh this. Others will probably be emotionally and spiritually devestated. Can you even imagine? What will they

If you've made it this far, you can reach out in the messages. Okay. Because if you found the story of the group I keep, it's all on here as well. Everyone should know what I'm talking about. Group chan. I was fired over a group shit. And in secret time. Secret time in November of last year, I was a little, you know, angry as I get gotten here on this app