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And they interview some really smart, fascinating people that aren't interviewed because they're not celebrities, but they are successful and gurus and game changers. I believe. There's also another concept that I heard. Mark Andreessen. I think he referred to them as wild ducks. It's the Tinker Haywoods of Nike. Those special people, those people that you hear about that are just fucking, that are just know something that we don't know. This is the podcast that's interviewing those people

I found a new podcast. Gurus and Game Changers. #podcast #news #guru #gamechanger #power

J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 0:41
I couldn't really hear. It sounds like you were playing the podcast in the background for us to hear a snippet of it. You said they are on TikTok or anyway, I see the image and so I'm going to search for the podcast as I would like to take a listen. Definitely. If they're interviewing, especially since they are interviewing, I should say people who have made great strides in whatever paths of life that they're doing. I am definitely a student
Rooster Collins
@RoosterCollins · 1:25


It's pretty crazy that they only got, like, 64 subscribers or something. We're first to this party, and they're about to release. If it's the interview that this guy, they know what they got, and, boy, is it going to be a banger. I'm waiting for that one. I started dipping in and kind of listening to their podcast, but I'm holding off for the specific interview because I want to know this guy's story