Morality Breeds Immorality

But while it was happening, and much like it's happened with every other drug known to man, prohibiting marijuana has obviously made Mexico very rich. Prohibiting all drugs has made cartels and south american drug lords like Pablo Escobar very rich over a very long, expansive history that for some reason people think doesn't exist anymore, despite the ready availability of all drugs that have ever been made. Of course, now you have to ask yourself, why does all the cocaine have fentanyl in it?

Another spiritual paradox of the human condition. #faith #spirit #wisdom #knowledge #history #human #God #law #church #prohibition #condemn #nation 🇺🇸🍀

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And the other examples you used around drugs, abortion, alcohol, I didn't think about it in the way that you said it, and that really brought that to light. I think that we do have some things, and I don't know if it's moral or if it's just in order to keep a society together, such as, we are a free country, but you can't go into a store and shout fire
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I actually have a Chat GPT image generator cooking. That kind of just kicks out comic book images with a little cajoling. I thank you for complimenting them, though. Yeah, I think this concept is fascinating. And I think the harm is, like you said, it's forced morality from the outside. So it's not loving your neighbor as you would love thyself
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#G.O.D. #GainingOnesDefinition

Hey, what's up, Rooster man? I agree with you, good brother. Morality breeds immorality. I can very thoroughly understand why you say that. I've actually been studying, as of late, western religions. And one of the things that I discover on my spiritual journey in life is that we all must find our own definition. God gaining one's definition. Since the beginning of man, we've tried to play God to other people
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So it's understanding that there is something out there that's beyond us, that gives us that spark of good light. And that's the thing that we all share, is we all believe that there's goodness in the world and that there's a kingdom of peace and harmony and light and justice. That's what we all believe in. Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, we all strive for eternity of peace and light and harmony with all human beings in the universe in just a break
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Its only one god

So this is what we are left with. A bunch of people running around trying to find different things when it's only one God. There was one Jesus. Yes, you have. And we're all the same people with the same spirit. That's it. And that's all
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It. Why is that so difficult? And why does it make people so upset? The free ticket to salvation and they just throw it away like it. Like we haven't been having this debate for 2000 years. Well, here we are. Maybe you and I are the two witnesses they talk about in revelation because it seems as plain as day to me. And it seems like it seems as plain as day to you. And he talked about us
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But I swear he ain't going to let you all go into space until we get earth, right? And all he wants people to do is love each other. It is not that hard. But everybody wants to go find and try to make their own beliefs. Or I'm even going to say beliefs, whatever they making up. When he simply sent the man Jesus Christ to do what he does. And it makes totally sense. Everything he preaches is good
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Well, for some reason, he brought us together, bouncing off the Holy Spirit, pushing us a certain ways. Hello, sir. It's good to beat you. I didn't think know if it wasn't now in this format, it was going to be at the festival, obviously, because that's where we're going. Because we're going to the festival, baby. We're going to the party. I don't know what everybody else is complaining about, but you're right
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And the most easiest thing about it is you don't even really need to pick a religion. Just accept Jesus Christ with all your heart, and I promise you the miracles and the blessings will come, but you got to accept him with all your heart. It's really not that hard. But humans, religion and traditions and whatever else they want to believe in, it's crazy
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Pain is god

We were supposed to learn from, not study it literally. Yeah, you're supposed to literally learn from it and know what to do, not actually study it and say, if you really believe it or not in this world, we're going to go through the pain and you have to come to broken heartedness. That's the best way to receive the pain. People don't see the five Jesus. They're going to understand. It's just common sense stuff. You know what I mean?