10 Dark Revelations About Andrew Huberman! (According to the media)

Yeah, that seems like a personal thing that these women have to deal with, and it shouldn't be in any newspapers. Number seven. Sarah said she caught Huberman with another woman on the couch at his house shortly before she ended the relationship. The New York magazine report says. Holy crap. Talk about dragging somebody through the mud here. All right, here we go. Number eight

My defensive of a neuroscientist being railroaded by a gagal of jealous humans. ✊🏻 #FYP #ForThePeople #news #events #rant #TheRoosterCollinsShow #Rancid


Someone asked you a question, and I couldn't tell from listening to her if she could actually hear you or if she was asking a question about the title of your swell. So I don't know if anybody else is having this problem or if it's just me. Yours is the only account that this has happened to me with, and so if it's something on your end, I'm just offering you a heads up
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It'll be good to find out. But everything I always playback, everything I upload and everything sounds fine. So I don't know, maybe it's a software update with iPhones or androids or something because it's intermittent between. You're the second complaint I've gotten about it, so it might be an update or something. So I'm recording now. Love you, plum. Go reply to my other stuff even if you can't hear. It sucks that you can't hear this