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This essay will explore the history of the Nation of Islam, the role of Louis Farrakhan, the divisions within the organization, and its controversial involvement with white supremacy groups. The Nation of Islam was established in 1930 by Wallace Fard Mohammed and later led by Elijah Muhammad, who played a significant role in shaping the organization's philosophy. The NOI preaches self reliance for the african american community, racial pride and the belief in Allah as God

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Malcolm X's legacy lives on through his advocacy for black dignity, self reliance, and his critical perspective on race relations in America, documented in his autobiography, a collaborative effort with journalist Alex Haley, which remains a seminal work in the african american experience. So that's the life and times of Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam and all that jazz. So happy black History Month, everybody
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Malcolm X was and is the manifestation of #power #truth and #courage 👊🏾

And every single day I look at, especially during the month of black History Month, as an opportunity to honor the fabric that he wove of power, truth and justice into american history, but into the lives of every black person that can stand up and rise and fight for justice and fight for equality and fight for the right to be a human being, to be seen as a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the same liberties and justice and rights anyone else
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And yeah, he's not going anywhere. I think soul of Malcom X is just still floating around, just causing havoc on the that took his life and that continue to destroy the dream that he had. So, yeah, he's just an individual that needs to be celebrated aggressively
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Does it matter if you truly believe that the creator is a force for good and that we're made in his image and that we have purpose in this life, and there's something beyond this struggle that we face as humans. And I admire both two men that were Muslim when they passed away, Malcom X and Muhammad Ali. And if you think that I think those men went to hell, I think that you're silly. And I think that these men understood something