The Appalachean Angel

She starts talking to me about all kinds of wild stuff. She is a brilliant storyteller. She is a sage. She is to be treasured as long as we have her. And she should be encouraged to tell her story on this app. Go to Susie. Go say hi. Tell her rooster sent you. Tell her rooster said hi. And then give her some love. She's a beautiful, beautiful woman

My Friend Susi #storyteller #experience #life #hope

Susi Lawson
@susisouljourney · 3:07
Hey, Mr. Rooster, I just want to say thank you for that kind shout out that was very affirmative and positive and that you seem like that type of person that's always uplifting others, and that's really cool about you. What's cool about this platform, too, is that we can hear each other's voices and pick up our energy and kind of get a sense about each other