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And it's beautiful to feel them. It's very human, and it's very real. It brings you right into the present moment. It makes you feel so alive. And it's important to not kill that. So that you can continue to feel deeply in the rest of your life. To put a wet blanket over the intensity of your feelings is not a good idea, I think, is what he's trying to say. But, yeah, I love that movie

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rose m
@sunny7782 · 1:13
You. I love this monologue as well, and it was so nice to be reminded of it after listening to your swell. It made me cry watching it, and I started to tear up a little bit. Just listening to you recite parts of it put it beautifully that he's essentially saying you shouldn't put a wet blanket over your feelings. It the monologue kind of reminds me of how good it can feel to cry sometimes, just to feel the full spectrum of your emotions can be so delicious
Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 1:37
Painful and beautiful and very real. And I really liked that. So I think that's why it stuck with me when it did. Because when I first saw that movie, I hadn't had any sort of big heartbreak. I had felt that. I had felt very sad before, and so it was kind of beautiful