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Iowa! What a great place to be from!

Part of her family stayed, is still out in that area, but part of her direct family stayed until the 1940s and fifties and moved to bigger cities, like the big happening cities of Omaha, Nebraska, and places like that. But what were they doing out in Tabor?

A little background info on where my Great Grandma was from. Tabor, Iowa! #iowa #smalltown #farm #missionary #japan

Rocío (Ro) Christensen
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I love this. This was, this is awesome to listen to. I lived in the US for five years, but I just had this feeling that I never really explored the country that much. And so, like, a place like Iowa to me, is so mysterious. I don't know anything about it, really. So it's wonderful to learn, learn about it through people's stories, especially people's personal stories. It's really, really lovely
Matthew Jordan
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Mister Rob loved hearing the scoop on the book you are writing. You did a great job of really bringing the listener into the project you're doing. I've been to Iowa one time, and when I was with family and while I drove through, I was sneezing the whole time. So I think I may be allergic to Iowa. So I'm glad you went in my stead and excited to learn about this story. I'm excited to get some more deets on your great grandmother's life
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Welcome to Swell!

Rob Orr
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And a lot of those states kind of in the middle of the country get flown over by a lot of people from coast to coast. So it's good that you, it's good that you did get to see parts of the US. But I really recommend, Iowa is pretty dang cool. So thanks for listening. And stay tuned for the next one
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I, I hope my little swell cast here is not giving you any allergies so you can experience iowa a little bit without any of the pain and suffering. Anyways, thanks, man. It was good hearing from you. And stay tuned for the next one. All right. Bye