Does Normal Human Being Exist ?

Ogir to mari gender be up legally nor mali bio Triko kuchini patha but to normal homicopata so society doesn't niger Saktiki abnormal hoki nayo society differentiate niger Saktiki Khan normal human nahika Sharma kabita vini Karaktali could decide garukitum normal kese banjakte society pravamatkaru Kaloki to please normal row normal banu normal Jew and sorry but society jai badame. Thank you

Kya aap normal ho....kya mein normal hu....kya humari society normal hai..... #society #beingnormal #beingme #bethechange #liveyourlive

Simran Sehrawat
@simrannnn · 0:55
Hi racial. So first of all, great, swell. And exactly like what is normal? Why do other people define for us? I think normal is nothing. For me, normal is nothing. We all are different and we all are perfect. Society is playing a huge role in our lives. I believe. Why other than Jenzie, I don't think I'm look like a society which you don't believe
Rishav Raj Singh
@Rishavthe1 · 0:50

Just a sweet reply to simran

Hi Simran and thank you for appreciating my soul I guess as you said about society and all but part time thank you