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Hey everyone. Hey me out. So today I wanted to talk on a very interesting topic and also which is very close to my heart. That is music. I think most of you are like me who are really attached to music. Music is something which heals everything. It gives you peace of mind, it removes all the stress, it helps to get rid of anxiety. It is a great way to heal all the pain, it makes you forget all the unpleasant and disturbing thoughts from your mind


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vaibhav behl
@vaibhavbehl · 1:11
Hi Ruthi First of all I genuinely am so proud of you key you overcome your depression and anxiety and stuff so kudos for that. Secondly but I do enjoy listening to music I do enjoy music a lot especially Punjabi music except the Japanese music to be honest I am proud of you
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simran arora
@wassup · 0:47
I totally agree with you, Riti. And to be honest, I have seen you connected to music, especially the things which happened with you, like, which I know about out you or upkeep when you had these thoughts you overcame. And so I know the process. I know the journey. I know it has been hard for you and it has been hard for me. I too. It has helped. Like a lot of people say it causes happiness and amazing hormones in your body
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Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

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Xander Brooks
@xanderbrooks · 0:35
Yeah, I agree. Music is a big part of my life. One thing I notice about music is certain songs remind me of a certain time period or event for me specifically, which is honestly the most interesting and nostalgia all. Just think about music
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@samya · 0:02
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