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I made a lot of friends, but only a few of them are very close to me. They helped me in those situation where I was having hesitation sharing with anyone. I made a lot of online friends too. And if you have online friends, then you know how difficult it is. Not being able to see your best friend in friendship. Not being able to see or meet each other doesn't matter


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vaibhav behl
@vaibhavbehl · 0:49
Extend point with the friendship is a sole connection but like I kind of couldn't relate my friends near the limit noticed a few years back like logged on but I am happy for you
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simran arora
@wassup · 0:40
Hello Riddhi. It was amazing meeting you today. We had a lot of fun. Like, especially we too. We had our alone time and like we met after one month after College started. It was amazing. We talked to each other and I hope to have many more moments like this. And as you said that you don't have many friends, I hope you can make one is enough. We don't need many friends, so one is enough. I hope you get one friend
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Beth Bourland
@LittleGirl1978 · 2:18
She's like, you wouldn't know who to be. You don't know what's going on, if they have any way to track you. And I wouldn't want to give her a stroke or almost a heart attack. She knew I was doing something. All you really do need is one friend. If you have that, then you have a bill in French. But I have a lot of friends, which I'm glad I have. I'm very blessed
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