Ricky Powell
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Keep it real…. Which car has the worst drivers?

You what's going on. Everyone out there? This is your podcaster. Ricky D. What's a question of the day. Okay, my question of the day is keep it real, you all. Which car has the worst drivers? Sometimes it may seem like there's a certain type of drivers, but like a certain type of bad drivers. But it really seems like there's a certain type of car that attracts bad drivers

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Arish Ali
@arish · 1:08

@RickyD Toyota Prius, of course, but there is more to it…

Hi, Ricky D. This is a great question and I have no doubt in my head that the car that seems to attract the worst drivers is Toyota Prius. I have to say, though, Prius drivers are some of the nicest people in the world. I know many of them sweetest people. But when it comes to driving skills, five times out of ten when I've been irritated on the road or somebody's trying poorly, when you look up and see it just ends up being a Prius
Matt Cardenas
@SanedracSays · 1:37
But whenever I am on the road, more often than not it's rola that is kind of cutting me off and making things a little difficult. But I'll take your topic a step further. This is something I noticed recently, and it kind of was a weird observation that I had. So I do not live in my home state
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Blacc Queen
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You. Hey, Ricky D. So I have to say, the worst drivers for me are not the vehicle is a bicycle. It's not motorized or motorized, but these people have this sense of entitlement that they could just cut you off. They could ride right in front of you. As soon as they stick out their hand, you supposed to slam on your brakes and let them pass or let them swerve in and out of traffic with trucks, okay? Those people are the worst