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Hi guys. My name is Rian Jain and welcome back to another swell. I'm going to share a super experience that I had at the Barat album launch of Nuclear and Rituals. I had gone to the event with my business partner and one of our artists called Dickhand and some of his friends and from Nm as well. Kanan, Gil and Bisv performed a small set bombastas performed for an hour and then came Nuclear and Request

#nmims #concert

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Shreya Raghuvanshi
@raghuvanshi · 0:20
Hey. Oh, my God. You're going to meet him. One person. That's so cool. And I mean, he's an amazing artist without doubt. But from the sound of it, sounds like he's a good person as well. Also, all the best for your upcoming project with him. I hope you guys do it ASAP. And it goes, well, it will go well, all the best
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