Rebecca Richardson

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I Am

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"…I am. I am but a thought on the tip of a pen lost in translation between could be and has been a string of ancient babble. I am one with everything still but nothing. There is nothing but inspiration I feel in Pandora lost fingering the locks inviting both life and death to my bedside, taking both as lovers, gaining from one eternity yet losing to the other time. I hold a Compass without needle stain a page with no book fight a war without leaving.…"

#soulsearching #thoughts #poetry


Sreeja V

@Wordsmith · 2yr ago · 0:16

"…You sum up the paradox of existence so very beautifully with these lines. It's such a pleasure listening to you. Keep them coming. Thank you so much for these poems. You.…"


Rebecca Richardson

@RenGoblin · 2yr ago · 0:22

"…Thank you so much for the feedback. Like I am a very shy kind of introverted person, and writing is really the only way I know how to express all the things that kind of switch and through my head. And I very much appreciate anyone who takes the time to stop and listen. You are wonderful. Thank you. Bye.…"


Caleb Paul

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"…You know this is sad. But at the same time, like when you look at the things that could be, it feels like beautiful. It's like a beautiful sadness or a sadly beautiful thing. But it's kind of sad at the same time, like some kind of tree trapped in winter, winter. That never it's like you are lost between what could be.…"

@RenGoblin, sooo beautiful


Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Caleb Paul

@tooshy · 2yr ago · 4:59

"…But yeah, I really love your poems and this poem in particular and all your poems, they have this thing. It's like some kind of up and down. It's like in all your points, you always try to capture the joy and the grief at the same time. You always try to capture what could be and what is there is like always some kind of beautiful paradox. There's something you said in this point as well.…"

@RenGoblin, so beautiful (part 2)

Rich Geier

@Word · 2yr ago · 1:55

"…So now it's just like it's just when I'm in the mood because I have other hobbies like painting and music and stuff like that. But poetry is a very meaningful thing to me. As far as they're your babies, the things that you write, it's your protection. It's a great thing that's actually the last one I'm listening to today. But Kate, keep up to go work and I'll keep an eye out for you. And yeah, fantastic.…"

I Am

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