The Honest Truth

I love your body. I love every tattoo, scar, stretch, mark and shades of melanin that tell me the story of you. My hands chill along like reading braille. And if it weren't for this grounded touch, I'd think you are a fantasy

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Becky Butler
@bc75 · 0:22
It's. Thank you for sharing this piece. Thank you for sharing the acceptance of ourselves and our bodies and our psyche and our purpose. It all lies within to be drawn out when we pour forth beauty
DawnMaria Bradley
@Pixiepoet4life · 0:51
Thank you so much for inviting me to this piece. I know it's taken a minute for me to reply. I have not been on swell for a while, but I listened to it today and I love, love, love it. I think it is amazing. It's simple and sweet and straight to the heart of the matter that everything about our connections is beautiful