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Renu Mangtani
@Rainu · 2:11


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Hello everyone so this tips Renu Mangtani after a long time finally I'm back on swell. So today we will be talking about the most beautiful topic that is love. Love it's a feeling that cannot be expressed into the words. It's like love Tips ketanaki kisarikesay hamara relationship strong rahega your love Kyota it knows no boundaries, knows no deadlines, knows no measures it is only meant to be treasure love is when two minds think alike love is like an ocean

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Avantika Rabgotra
@avantika202 · 4:04
So, being a psychology student, there was one psychologist named Robert Sternberg. He has given three components of love. So those three components are first one is intimacy. Second is passion. And third is commitment. Now, what these three components mean, the first is intimacy. Intimacy means that you should have feeling of closeness, connectedness and attraction towards your partner. Next is passion. Passion means physical attraction. It includes sex and romance. Next, we have commitment
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Vipin Kamble
@Vipin0124 · 1:48


Good afternoon, ma'am. Yeah. Love the eternal feeling and the two things you said, understanding and trust. These two are, I feel the pillars of any relationship. There are different more pillars to have the relationship surviving or staying firm. But these two are important ones. Without understanding and without trust no relationship can survive. Yeah. When two people they come together either they are coming via a love relationship or some kind of arranged commitment. Turbulence are there, differences are there
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