Never Loose Hope (Inspirational Thoughts By Renu Mangtani)

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We are not supposed to lose our positive ray of hope. So what do we learn from this? That we should never lose hope at any point in our life despite of the obstacles, despite of the failures that we face. So in the starting of my poem, where I was talking about my titles, that I have achieved so much in my life. So it's not like that. That it has been a really great journey

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Hi, Rinuji. And good afternoon. Hope you are doing well in your life and you have picked a very inspiration advice. Obviously, we should never lose our hope and indeed it's a truth of our life. If we lose this hope then I think nothing will be there in our life. So yes, we should never lose our hope. And it's a feeling only it's nothing, it's a self, this motivation sort of thing as I believe
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