How God views YOU

He doesn't get angry, nor is he looking to condemn us to hell. We are his children, after all, whom he deeply loves. He asked me to pretend I was taking a test and failed it miserably. He said that even though he only accepts an A plus, he will allow me to retake the test as many times as I need. So if and when I fall short of his glory, that's like me bombing the test

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No matter how bad it got, she told me the truth. I dealt with whatever consequence she gave, and I was always received with love. Unconditional positive regard. No matter what it was that I did wrong, she was always there to pick me up and reshape me just as God, into something that was righteous for the Lord, and that was what was most important, not what society thought, but what would God think? So God is my strong tower
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It kind of proves my point that the way that we view God is oftentimes through the same lens we view our parents. In this case, you seem to have a very positive outlook and a view of God because of how your mom interacted with you. You mentioned how your mom was always there to pick you up and reshape you into something that was righteous, pointing you to the Lord
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She never went to church. But she taught me how God was her strong tower. She taught me that because my mother was shot when she was 16 years old. She was in a coma for six months. But the Lord brought her back to this earth. She went towards the light, she said, but she knew and saw God for herself. And she said she didn't need someone to tell her about God. She knew him for herself