Shibaji Bose
@Racanteur · 4:09

How do I fit in? When life feels chaotic & time seems limited, how do you find the time to write?

Celebrate the success of your composition by inviting your family and friends belonging to your inner circle. By reading out the excerpts from the composition, you will receive ideas and opinions. All that you have to do is to weigh these opinions and ideas against the central theme of your story, the characters and the situations before adopting any of them. You are at the liberty to decline ideas and opinions which you think do not sync with the storyline

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The Bookbot Theory
@Bookbot · 1:11


You. Hi. This is very well articulated, I would say. I loved the tips that you have shared and love how you have simplified it for writers who are just starting on their writing journey and can often get confused about this journey. I absolutely loved that one aspect where you said that though you should have targets about write the word count and keep yourself motivated through those goals, but do not feel dejected when you cannot meet those goals because it's okay
Renee 🪬
@RensLens · 1:10
There's some differences, but I really like this about how to get into the flow of writing that I'm not used to doing every single day, especially with two teenagers at home and full time mom and a husband who works a lot. So I really appreciate the advice here, and I will definitely take it. And I look forward to more future swell casts. Thanks
Anu Sham
@Anu_Budhrani · 0:54


So all your ideas I agree with the writing should go with the flow of the lyric and the story and the plot and whatever you said, I'll try to implement in my life. I hope to listen to you next time. Thank you sir. All the best again to be the next Editor's Picks. Thanks once again. Do follow me, sir. Thank you