Kill your darlings! Tips to edit your manuscript.

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In order to make my work stand out, I had chosen to be detailed instead of being descriptive. This made the sentence construction become lengthy and complex. My editor suggested changes in the manuscript, asking me to focus on the comfort of reading

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The Bookbot Theory
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Very well said @Racanteur.

Hello. This is such a very well explained swell, and I completely agree with you. As an editor, this is a feedback that I always give to writers that you do not want your readers to sit with a dictionary or a thesidis to understand what you're saying. You want them to enjoy your storytelling, your characters. You want them to live the characters, feel the emotions and experience everything that take them through in that book
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Lagnajita Chatterjee
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Thanking you, Mr. Bose. It was really helpful to hear these words, especially for writing the tips that you have shared. You know, that new one in the author journey, a new person like me who has just started writing. And that also writing in the form of a book. And not a very short story or not an article, but a book. Yes, it really applies to all our skills. And these are the soft skills I think we should be aware of
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rajat chakraborty
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And while when a reader is reading a book, when a reader is reading a story, understand this that they are trying to convert a word into a picture. So the point where you come up when you ask the people to read your manuscript and ask them, that where they got stuck. The point is that they are actually not able to visualize what you're talking about. So mind works in a different way. It doesn't understand words, it understand pictures
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