Good morning series #4 (to play)

Good morning. It's Sunday. All I want is to play. That is my simple agenda. And only if it sounds good to you too. Goodness. This week showed me possibilities. My part is to follow up the Deaning in the saying yes, I am more clear. I recognize what I hold dear. To stand and be near. A creator of space and a seer. Can you stand the heat of my fury? My heart beat?

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Becky Butler
@bc75 · 2:31

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We need mind, body, and spirit to be healed and held and sealed, because we are sealed. We are sealed by God's grace, God's love, God's truth. We are his, and he follows after us. If we wander off to try to bring us back into the fold, so he can protect us and he can release us, and he can enable us to do those things that without Him, we can't do
Laura L (she/her)
@Loloflow · 0:23
Hi, Quinne. So enjoying all of your invitations to be in flow, to play, to be in the moment, to be fully present with whatever is here now. Thank you so much for your offerings. They really feed the soul
Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

Zandie J
@ZandieClutch · 0:27
Wow. Thank you so much, Quinn, for sharing that beautiful piece. It was definitely impactful in the most simplest but yet profound of ways. You have a very lovely voice. Keep sharing your work with us because we definitely do appreciate ad. Thank you. Bye
Quinne Brown Huffman
@Quinne · 0:14
Thank you so much for your encouragement and for listening and sharing your experience of it. I do receive that and appreciate all of it. May you have just the most beautiful day. Bye