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Elliot Page Is Who He Is, Trans and Happy

He also calls himself non binary and queer. But for him, trans masculinity is at the center of the conversation right now. It's a complicated journey, he says in an ongoing process. While the visibility gap means that trans men have been spared some of the hate endured by trans women, it has also meant that people like Paige have had fewer models. There were no examples, Paige says, of growing up in Halifax in the 1990s

On the visibility of trans lives and why transmasculinity often goes unnoticed #translivesmatter #elliotpage

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Now I'm going to have more luck in this business now that I'm a man, and I feel like that's not something that you should be so happy about, because there's still so many women out there that are trying to make a name for themselves who have College degrees that are trying to live their dreams. And it's really hard when all these companies are still considering males as the priority over females
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@FilmStarlet Patriarchy & transmasculinity

Is there's this view of, like, oh, you're just trying to escape the difficulties of being a woman in a patriarchal world and as someone who's, like, trans myself and identifies as nonbinary and trans masculine, that's a really painful thing to hear, because it pretty much completely invalidates and says who you are and your experience isn't real. You're just trying to get out of the difficulties of being a woman
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But what I was saying was that those things were never kind of ours to carry, to begin with, whether no matter how you identify whether you're assist man, assist woman, a nonbinary trans person, a trans man, trans woman, whatever these cultural things that we carry around gender, and if we're lucky, have the ability and resources in space to unpack and kind of heal as we get older, they were never really ours to carry, I guess, is what I'm trying to say
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When you told me that it reminded me of with Brandon Tina, how his mom was basically always in denial of Brandon Tina truly feeling like a man when he was born a woman. And I remember reading something where the mother kept saying, oh, Brandon Tina just lived life as a man, not because he felt like a man, but because he was doing it to prevent getting sexually assaulted for his own safety and everything like that