Angela Grover
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Mediating Institutions: Why They Came Up Today!

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And so nonetheless, I started thinking to myself, well, I'm going to talk about this on a squell cast because I'm not sure that everybody knows what a mediating institution does. Essentially, what we would know a mediating institution to be would be like school communities, religious communities, or nonprofits. And these mediating institutions are designed to help bridge gaps. Oftentimes they are designed to bridge gaps between governmental assistance and somebody's paycheck

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Chelsea Hanawalt
@allowthesun · 0:47
Hi. Thank you for sharing about this. So sorry to hear about this family definitely being my thoughts. My parents home had a fire this year and I know the struggle and all it takes to rebuild, and especially during the holiday time and winter, it's so hard. So, yeah, any help is needed. I had never heard of mediating help, so definitely going to look into this further and I hope more people know about that. But thank you so much for sharing this
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